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What is Aromatherapy?
What is Sports Massage?
What is Mum To Be Massage?

Plant extracts have been used for medicinal purposes for as long as 2,890 BC, way …way before any antibiotics! Updated methods are used in aromatherapy right up until now.

Here are some essential oils you may have heard of, together with what effects they can have on us……

Lavender: Is used as a sedative and relaxant, aides the healing of burns, relieves muscular pain, can soothe colds and coughs. Excellent for athletes foot and also can dry up and clear spots or pimples. These are just to name a few!

Peppermint: Best known for helping with digestive upsets. Helps with flu symptoms with its cooling effects on fevers. Helps stimulate the brain to promote clear thinking. Also helps to relieve nausea.

Eucalyptus: Excellent for clearing a blocked nose, treating cold sores and muscular pains

Frankinscense: Excellent for more mature skin types. Helping to restore some looser skin tone and slowing down the appearance of wrinkles. Has a calming effect on our emotions and good for the bereavement process.

These are just small examples of the many different essential oils an Aromatherapist can use.

Essential oils must always be used under the guide of a qualified Aromatherapist to ensure safe and correct application.

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Is not just for people who are involved with sport…

Repetitive strain injury: Very common and painful condition in the work place. A constant strain on a small muscle group usually in hand a wrist region. Using specific massage techniques will help with symptoms of this injury.

Tennis Elbow: This occurs when the group of muscles in the elbow region are over worked and there is not much flexibility in the elbow joint. Muscles are placed under stress causing the muscle fibres to harden. Stimulating deep massage strokes and stretches can greatly improve stiffness.

If you are the sporting type…

When training it is important to address any pain or discomfort sooner rather than later to help you maintain you at your sporting level and reduce injury recovery time. Prevention is always better than a cure!

Tight Hamstrings: Common reasons…. Over worked, over stretched, muscle imbalances and fibrous adhesions can all being contributing factors to pain in the hamstring region. A sports massage can help with these factors.

Groin Strain: Activities that involve a kicking action contribute to this condition. Whether an acute strain or the adductor muscles being over worked or stretched. The damaged tissue in the area can be worked on via massage and stretch methods.

Sports Massage should only be carried out by a qualified masseuse.

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Water retention? Or oedema which is the other name for this condition. This can cause swollen ankles. By massaging these areas towards the heart can greatly help relieve this problem.

Constipation: Massaging the lower back and buttock region can help relax the muscles helping to aid bowel movement.

Sciatica: Pain in the upper and hip region caused pressure on the sciatic nerve. Using pressure points and massaging area can greatly improve pain and comfort.

Mum To Be Massage can only take place after the 1st 3 month trimester.

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